I’m the Extreme One in my Marriage

Sometimes I just want my husband to fight with me. Not like the boxing gloves kind of fight; I just want him to get on my level of petty when we’re arguing. I want him to yell back. I want him to say anything so that I can say everything I have yet to say….

Stop Telling Me “It Must Be Nice”

It’s not just a mom thing and it’s not just women; it’s an ugly part of this human condition. We’re taught to always be in constant competition.

Prenatal Depression–The Pregnancy Sickness No One Talks About

Hyperemesis gravidarum. That’s what the doctor calls it. Severe morning sickness. That’s what I’ll tell you when you ask me what the heck that long name means. Promethazine and Bupropion and Nortriptyline. That’s what the doctor so willingly gave that I was too scared to ever take.   But even before the diagnosis, I’m surrounded…

Stop Telling Kids They Grow Up Too Fast

Tonight, I helped my soon-to-be-seven-year-old son write a letter to the tooth fairy after losing a tooth somewhere. You’re getting so big. After the tenth how-do-you-spell-this, he turned to me and asked a different kind of question. Do you ever wish I was still a baby? And I started thinking of an answer even I didn’t…

Why You Should Get Rid of Your “Stuff”

Because that’s what we do. We make a little progress. We fill a couple bags and we make a few plans. We have the best intentions when we suddenly look up at the mountains around us.

Flutters From an Empty Nest: A Poem

Twenty four years ago, my mama brought me home. It was her birthday, too, but this time, I wore the crown. She always told me I was better than the gifts they bought. I laugh when she says that because I know the trouble I’ve caused.   When she clamped a bow, I ripped it…

The Weight that Teachers Carry

I threw yet another dried-out Expo marker into the trash. Character Ed: What will you do today that —- I made it midway through the morning’s prompt on the wipe-off board before expiring the last of my school-funded supply. I then reached into my worn teacher tote to produce the bright yellow Dollar General bag…

The Life of a Railroad Wife

Tonight, I scraped every bit of beef tips and rice into a Tupperware container. Why didn’t I just start supper sooner? I beat myself up for not knowing the things I couldn’t have known and for not controlling the things I couldn’t control. It’s only 6 p.m. but I could’ve had this done at 5….